Thursday, June 28, 2007


In the strip mall adjacent to Trader Joe's and hidden behind a major construction site is Banana Island, a rather large, but very casual Singapore-Malaysian place. A and I enjoyed lunch there, he said that he thinks it used to be an Applebee's because of the large island bar in the middle which is now used as storage space for the kitchen. The place had a fair number of diners, all of whom were Asian. Roti was very good, I could just eat two of these and call it a day. Lamb Rendang and Kang Kung Belechan were decent but not spicy enough. The hostess told us we should tell them to make it spicy next time. Hot Squid was not hot, but rather sweet. Next Time: Roti and maybe one of their interesting looking soups. That flat fried dessert thing looked good too, I wonder what it was.


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