Monday, June 25, 2007

MI LINDO PERU *' & Ice Cream Rankings

A and I had a decent lunch today at Mi Lindo Peru, the new Peruvian place right next to Blue Plate. They had a well priced lunch menu, everything was about $8. I ordered the Aguadito de Mariscos, a broth based seafood soup with a cilantro base chock full of calamari, fish and shrimps with a little bit of rice-- tasy and filling. A had the Paella Marinera, a Spanish style saffron paella which tasted great, very yellow and full of flavor. Huge portion. Good thing we did not eat the bread on the table. Sadly, they do not have the ceviche with aji amarillo thing that I loved in Peru.

It was actually hot (in June!) so we headed to Dolores Park to enjoy the weather. A stop at Bi-Rite Creamery was in order and even at 3 pm on a weekday there was a line of 6 people. geez. I got Salted Caramel and Strawberry Balsamic. This time the Salted Caramel was more salty, I wonder if it's because I paired it with the strawberry. Next time go chocolaty or nutty with the caramel OR go lemony or creamy with the strawberry balsamic. The flavors I have now tried in order of preference are: Salted Caramel (which was too salty for A), Strawberry Balsamic, Lemon, Butter Pecan, Ginger and Roasted Banana. Next time: try to have just one scoop. Try the lavender honey and the chai chocolate; and definitely get the Lemon.

For now, overall ice cream rankings are:
Lacuma and Ube (tie) - Mitchell's
Salted Caramel - Bi-Rite
Macapuno - Mitchell's
Coppa Mista - Gelato Classico
Butter Pecan - Baskin Robbins
Pistachio - Baskin Robbins
Strawberry Balsamic - Bi-Rite
Cheesecake w/mixed berries - Cold Stone

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