Saturday, February 12, 2011


This place was packed on a Saturday night but cleared up by around 8, I guess folks in Oakland eat early.  Excellent pizza - Margherita buffala w/ calabrian peppers.  A NY Neapolitan style, thin, soft and chewy crust with some char and light crispness on the edges, not soggy in the center.  Delicious bright tomato sauce a drizzle of oil on top would've have made it perfect.  J&A love the clam pizza.

Monday, February 7, 2011

POC CHUC Tamales

Poc Chuc has two types of tamales. "Colados" -- the wet and soft type were a daily special earlier this week. Only the second type was available when I lunched there the other day (she said I should try on a Friday to get the others).  Although I was disappointed that they were out of the colados tamales, I got a taste of their other tamale.  It was delicious, a nice balance of masa and filling, very moist and flavorful.  Definitely worth getting again.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


They did a nice job of redesigning the former Myth Cafe space.  As a Tusk restaurant, it was no surprise that pastas were the standout.  The pasta w/ crab dish reminded me of the same dish in Cooking by Hand.


Ricotta crostini
Pickled sardines crostini
Pasta w/ rabbit 
Pasta w/ duck ragu
Tortolloni w/ beet

Sides of cauliflower, pumpkin and onion w/ fonduta - all rather bland.  Squab w/ pork belly - just o.k.

Overall, it was an enjoyable night, good service very accessible wine list. I'd return if in the neighborhood.