Monday, February 27, 2012

Delfina **'

Revisiting after almost a decade, so I went with the items I enjoyed before.  They were as good as I remembered.
Squid salad - excellent beans perfectly balanced with the acid in the sauce and good quality greens
Trippa alla Fiorentina - a little sweeter than I remembered, but delicious nonetheless.
Friendly Service and good value.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Plow **

Eggs Benedict nice hollandaise excellent potatoes, the place is crowded and prices are high.  Friendly neighborhood restaurant styleservice, I'd be interested in trying the pancakes.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Lers Ros***

Two different lunches, one at the Tenderloin location and the other in Hayes Valley. 

Stir Fried Crispy Pork Belly- delicious.
Duck Larb - excellent.
Papaya Salad - good.
Crispy Pork Ribs -  o.k. a bit tough.
Pan fried trout - o.k.
Beef ooan dish - too spicy and meat somewhat tough.
Spinach w bean sauce - fine.
Seafood green curry - fine.

I'll definitely return to explore more of the menu..

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Una Pizza Napoletana **

I had a craving for pizza and didn't want to wait, so we headed to UPN.  Still no red pepper oil or red pepper. Margherita had a nice sauce with a good bit of bright acidity from fresh sauce.  The Illaria had good smoked mozz, this is the pizza I'd get again.  All in all is a great example of the traditional Neopolitan style - wet and thin. Though I appreciate the flavorful crust on the UPN pies, I prefer the NY Neopolitan style with the crisped and charred crust.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Beautiful setting, good service.  Food is artfully presented but it looks better than it tastes.  We had about twelve items off the menu.  The appetizer special of pastramied lamb heart was tender, though it didn't quite work in a pool of broth.  The venison tartare was nice, but the rest of the starters were forgettable -- even the crab dish was a miss for me. 

The mains were better, a duck wih some geleed beet and a crispy skin, a trout with a nice sauce, and a braised short rib served without its brasing liquid were all quite good. 

Dessert of caramel popcorn over a cake and a chocolate chiboust was fine.  For this style of food, I much prefer Plum, Commonwealth, or Commis.  I would not return but I do think it would be a good place for a business dinner or some occasion when the setting is more important than the food.

Wise Sons Deli **'

Wanted to try some pastrami, but they were sold out of almost everything.

Burger - very good bun and I loved the pastrami mixed into the burger, it added a smokiness that is even better than bacon. Also enjoyed the pickles - everything is housemade.  The potato salad and chicken soup were o.k.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Bar Tartine **'

Langos - delicious fried bread with yogurt and fennel fronds. I'd come back just for this.

Romanesco pickle - yes.

Pig ear terrine - spicy, well balanced with radish and greens and acid.

Brussel Sprouts - nice good, very interesting, not just the usual fried brussels, fragrant and had a bit of sweetness.

Fried Oysters - good fry, juicy.

Nikolakis - cheese dumplings - disappointing, a bit gummy and the creamy sauce had a sweetness that I didn't like.

Fisherman's stew - spicy savory very nice if a bit overseasoned.

Chocolate Torte - chocolate with a merenge and a tart creamy topping. O.k.

Chicken Paprikas - not very strong paprika flavor - tender chicken - but flavors were somewhat muted. It was not at all like chicken I had in Budapest,a bit more refined. I wouldn't get this again.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Izakaya Yuzuki **'

Tasted about 80% of the menu.  Favorites were the crab sunumono and the kaki age (fried shrimp).  Other dishes also good, like the chicken wing skewer and the fresh tofu.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Momofuku Bo Ssam

Bo Ssam Skin
Copyright 2012 PDemoreuille

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Korean Seaweed Soup

Momofuku's Bo Ssam - the skin is basically pig candy - I could not stop eating it and thought about it for a few days afterward.

Mochi-covered fresh strawberries - all handmade from scratch, soft delicate mochi skin covering red bean and a fresh strawberry.  So light I ate two.  Great presentation and it tasted as good as it looked.

Mochi Covered Strawberry
Copyright 2012 PDemoreuille

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nojo **'

Hiza - chicken knuckle, salt, lemon great texture and flavor - I'd come back for this.

Skin, matcha salt lemon - great flavors.

Pork skewer -  what you expect, juicy.

Monkey face eel agedashi - nicely fried, if a bit chewy eel, in a wonderful broth, well balanced.

Well executed food with a lot of finesse in the flavor compositions.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Ragazza **

Amatriciana Pizza - good flavors, very acidic tomato sauce pairs perfectly with the rich pancetta, cheese and egg. Nicely blistered cornice and very thin in the middle. Good pizza

Ricotta w pork sugo - decent cavatelli and pork sugo

Arugula Salad - ok