Monday, July 28, 2008


Very good service and a friendly proprietor. The Chaplee Kabob was similar to a schnitzel. Well Seasoned ground meat fried into a flat pancake form. We found both the Chaplee and Chicken Kabob flavorful though a bit dry.

We did not enjoy the Kadoo, the flavor was very flat and the herbs sprinkled on top did not integrate with the dish. It made me crave the Kadoo at Helmand Palace.

Overall, o.k. for a casual lunch if in the neighborhood.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Lunch at Panda Country Kitchen. Spicy Beef Tendon is thinly sliced and better than Spices! version.

Did not like noodles overcooked doughy and bland. Fish fillets were fine though they had a texture that clearly indicated that they were from frozen fish.

Hot Boiled Beef excellent spicy with deep beef flavor and tender slices of meat. The MaPo is authentic, spicy, and has fresh soft tofu, but the sauce was a bit flatter tasting sauce than other places.

Geary at 11th

Friday, July 18, 2008

DOPO **'

Dopo has a few of tables out front which are perfect for a leisurely lunch in Piedmont's warm afternoon sun. Enjoyed the Neopolitan style pizza crust. Crispy on the bottom with a bit of chew on top. The topping was equally good: tomato sauce was smooth and tangy, high quality cheeses and meat.

The arancino rice ball stuffed with bolognese had a nice crunchy outer shell, but the rice to filling ratio was off. There was too much rice and the consistency of the rice was a little bit to gummy. The filling was a little bit bland which surprised me, given that I liked the pizza sauce. Next time just go with pizza and greens.

Piedmont and Echo, Oakland

Monday, July 14, 2008


Soup o.k., won tons very large and porky, noodles were overcooked. I prefer the soup at Just Won Ton and their won tons are better balanced between shrimp and pork.

Noriega and 32nd