Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Update: 24th Street location is closed.


Dinner at Mi Lindo Yucatan. I cannot get enough of the super spicy green salsa -- why in such tiny little bowls? Cochinita Pibil has a spicy and deeply flavored red sauce, fork tender pork wrapped in a banana leaf. This is spicier and different than the Poc Chuc which is a grilled pork with plenty of smoky flavor. The Poc Chuc has a brighter flavor than the super savory cochinita pibil because of the lime and pickled onions. Tortilla soup, too interesting and tasty not to order. No panucho this time, but definitely next time. Also for next time, the quesadilla looked great with shrimp and a salad in the dish. 24th St.

Tried more flavors at Bi-Rite. Honey Lavender was good, but lighter and too subtle to pair with a strong flavor, perhaps good alone. Malted Vanilla with peanut brittle was very good, strong malted flavor - get this again. Tried the lemon for the second time and thought it was too lemony to have with any other flavor. Tried Ritual Coffee Toffee, seriously coffee flavored and keeping me awake. Good for breakfast?

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