Friday, June 22, 2007


Out to Perbacco tonight for my birthday dinner. Enjoyed a little cocktail at the bar which is a nice place to sit, chat with a regular who told me that he was friends with Umberto the big guy in the blue suit that owns the restaurant, and have a limonata spazze, which was a refreshing gin based lemon drink.

Antipasto: My cuttlefish salad was great, tender and flavorful with the arugula on top. It was on the salty side, but I loved it and would definitely order this again. J had the tasting of cured meats which looked very good and it
must've been cause he polished it off. S got the watermelon antipasto which looked beautiful on the plate and she said was very refreshing.

Pasta: I had the papardelle with braised short rib ragu, the
papardelle was very fresh and home made, the pieces of short rib were fork tender. This was better than the wild boar stew at La Ciccia (which is also good). S had the Tajarin, the handcut tagliatelle with a 5 hour pork sugo. The tagliatelle were very thin and twisty like the shape of ramen noodles, they were also clearly fresh and al dente. The pork sugo had a rich flavor. J's dish was the Trufie which was ligurian (?) pasta with a pesto sauce. The pasta is about an inch long and looks somwhat like thick spaghetti. It was fantastic. Must order this next time.

Dessert: Despite my best efforts not to look at the dessert menu, I ended up helping them with Pistachio Cake, Coffee Custard, and Caramel Ice Cream with Sea Salt. The coffee custard was o.k., it had a very soft consistency and the presentation wasn't as nice as the other two. The caramel ice cream was good, the sea salt sprinkled on top was a nice compliment, but because it was not mixed in, I got periodic strong punches of salt. I preferred the salted caramel ice cream at
BiRite earlier. I can't believe I ate salted caramel ice cream twice in one day! I'm going to have to become a professional dog runner if I'm going to finish the race in Septemeber. The pistachio cake was the best of the three. The cake was moist and had a creamy custard center that balanced the whole thing very nicely.

Next Time:
Trufie, Short Ribs main course, risotto, salumi misti
California near Front (next to

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