Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Lunch at Burma Super Star with EC on a Tuesday. EC has been to Burma so it was interesting to get her take on this place.

Starters: Samusa Soup, this soup is
ok. It is so thick and concentrated that it is really more like a curry. The flavors are good, but I felt like I should be dipping a roti or having it over rice rather than drinking it as a soup. I think that the many pieces of falafel and beans and other chunks are meant to cut the concentration, but it didn't quite do it. E said that the soups in Burma are quite thick, so this is the right style, but not for me. Neither of us would get this again. Rainbow Salad, a noodle salad with many ingredients including dried shrimp flakes and a tamarind dressing that added the right brightness to the salad, this might be my favorite of the meal.

Entrees: Chicken Dahl was very good. The chicken was tender and fell off the bone into a well balanced curry liquid dotted with yellow lentils very flavorful, not hot spicy. Beef KabatPea Shoots was a tender spinach-like green
recommended by the server was a stir fried beef that was red and spicy. The meat was perfectly seasoned and soft. I ate this for lunch the next day and it was just as delicious. This is a must-order. sauteed with garlic. The produce was very fresh and cooked well, retaining its bright green color and crunch with just the right amount of garlic. We also had Coconut Rice to accompany our dishes which had a coconut scent though very lightly flavored, was the right thing to accompany the curry and spicy kebat.

Drinks: E ordered the coconut drink which is a coconut with a hole punched in it, once she finished the drink she had them open up the coconut so she could dig out the young meat. I had the ginger
lemonade which was very refreshing and not overly gingery.

Things to Try Next Time: Burmese
Samusas, Coconut Curry Flat Flour Noodles, Tan Poi, Tea Leaf Salad; Larkin Express Deli which is reputed to have more home style Burmese cooking.

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