Thursday, March 22, 2012

State Bird Provisions **'

halibut tartare & quinoa w/ bonito rosemary - nice way to start, enjoyed the nutty flavor of the quinoa, but the tartare itself didn't have any distinct flavors.

sourdough, sauerkraut, pecorino & ricotta pancake - ok, light.

CA State Bird - Fried squab, excellent crunch perfectly cooked moist tender meat.  Not gamey.

potato chips & dip - crispy, not greasy, enjoyed the creamy dip

hass avocado with scallop, squid and mussel ‘salsa’ - tortilla chips with whipped guac and a salsa of scallops, clams and squid; the seafood was tender and the sauce well balanced.

red trout with kishus, hazelnuts and garum brown butter - well seasoned crispy skin - a highlight for me.

duck liver mousse with almond biscuit - a favorite, loved the rich creamy mouse and the brioche-like biscuits.

duck neck dumplings in sourjus
- I like the acidic broth but the dumplings were unremarkable.

green garlic bread with burrata - Nice housemade burrata, but wasn't a fan of the prep with the bread because it was a bit soggy.

cast iron asparagus, lentils & sunchokes
- roasted asparagus with lentils, liked that the asparagus kept is fresh crunch and the lentils made it more substantial without the usual treatment of drenching them in fat.

kimchi pork belly with manila clams and tofu - I like the broth in this dish, the rest of it was o.k.

beef short rib ‘salad’, radishes & bone marrow - nice, tender chunks of braised rib, the salad had an appropriately zingy shallot? vinaigrette. And miner's lettuce to HM's delight.

tofu, yuba, shimeji mushroom & white miso
- a mix of tofu ingredients in a light well balanced creamy miso vinaigrette.  Perhaps because I'm used to being punched with miso flavored sauces, I was impressed with the lightless and delicacy of its use in this dish.

milk chocolate sesame crunch, clementine-cocoa jam - loved the combo of sesame with chocolate.

turkish coffee ‘ice cream’ sandwich, hazelnut streusel
- excellent.

‘world peace’ peanut muscovado milk
- ok not much essence of muscovado.

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