Tuesday, February 26, 2008

SEBO - Izakaya

Enjoyed trying everything on the Izakaya menu at Sebo on a cold Sunday evening. One member of our party commented that the food was exactly the types of dishest his Japanese mother at her house. Every dish came home cooked rather than restaurant style -- presented very simply, not overly greasy and used traditional ingredients.

The pan roasted shrimp, sake steamed clams, and marinated cucumbers were fine though unexciting. Standouts were the s
omen noodle salad, pork sauteed with kimchee and the Japanese fish cake stew. The somen noodle salad with smoked squid had bite sized pieces of smokey squid with room temperature somen noodles lightly coated in a slightly vinegary dressing. On the hot side, we enjoyed the pork sauteed with kimchee and the oden, a Japanese fish cake stew. A fan of bittermelon, I enjoyed the bittermelon with tofu dish.

The service was friendly and the atmosphere warm and relaxing. I wouldn't make a special trip to Sebo for it, but would stop by if I were in the neighborhood looking for a place to unwind.

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