Friday, February 1, 2008


Having several meetings in the peninsula over the past month, I've been able to get to some of the ramen restaurants in Melanie Wong's list. This time it was Himawari in San Mateo. I felt like something spicy so I went for the Tan Tan Men, a spicy thick broth with ground pork, menma (bamboo shoots) and chewy noodles. I enjoyed the heat of the broth, though I felt the noodles were a little bit on the thin and soft side, not as good as those at Ramen Halu. There was quite a bit of chashu. It was cut very thin and on the lean side, but still tasty. I would prefer a thicker fattier cut. The atmosphere is somewhat more modern than the typical ramen shop. It has modern lighting and that familiar Swedish modular furniture. It's a casual, but not a take out type of place. It's definitely worth a repeat visit, next time I'll give the Shoyu Ramen a try.

2nd Ave, San Mateo

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