Friday, January 28, 2011

PLUM - January 2011

The food keeps getting better and better.  I'm becoming a fan of Chef Charlie Parker.

We had the whole menu.  Many of the dishes we had had before though the names sound the same they are all tweaked a bit.  The chicharrones had an added bit of flavoring. The oyster stew was very creamy (the one item where I prefered the prior version).


Wild Greens Panisse
Braised leeks - though it was different this time with an added bit of cheese
Short Rib 
Squid dish with smoked lentils - my favorite of the night

Desserts were not as impressive as on previous visits.  Cheesecake in a jar was not nuanced and not up to our previous visits.   Chocolate parfait dessert was just o.k.  Plating of the gingerbread cake dish was odd and though the flavors went well together it was a bit of a pain to put it all together in one bite as everything was strewn about -- kudos for the mini merenge batons.

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