Monday, February 22, 2010


I happened to be on Chestnut and needed a late weeknight dinner. Good chance to give Tacolicious a whirl. I was a bit wary of the place because I haven't had much luck with a similar sustainable organic Mexican kitchen situated on the other side of town, and from the first time I saw it in the ferry building, I just wasn't sure to make of the comical name.  Did it make sense to eat Mexican food in the Marina at a place called Tacolicious?  I thought to myself, I'll probably leave wishing I had just gone to a taqueria in the Mission.  And yet, ignoring my preconceived notions paid off.  After one visit, Tacolicious won me over.

The salsa had fresh flavor, nice acidity with a hint of spice. After we polished off our first round of chips, we started on a ceviche appetizer.  The marinade was a tad too acidic, but the fish was fine and some little pieces of jicama(?) added a nice crunch. On to the tacos, very good across the board.  In order of my preference: braised short rib, smokey chicken, and crispy fried fish. I was excited to see the fried fish tacos, though the fish was less than crispy by the time it got to our table.  More impressive were the smokey chicken and the braised short rib tacos. The whole set came with a trio of salsa, each of them top notch.

I never ate at Laiola, but it's clear that the kitchen is taking its casual menu seriously. Tacolicious is at the top of my list for the next time I'm in the Marina.


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