Thursday, January 21, 2010


Santouka Toroniku Ramen (#7). Shio broth is silky and complex with balanced salt, seafood and pork flavors and a sesame note. The special pork (pork cheek?) is thinly sliced with a nice ribbon of fat that softens in the broth, nice soy flavor and tenderness. Noodles were good though not notable. Halu's noodles are more to my taste, but the broth at Halu is overly bitter (from smoke or garlic?). I prefer Santouka's deeply flavored and well balanced soup over the other local places. Rice with Salmon Roe is fine though nothing special just good rice with a splash of vinegar and a heaping of Ikura. Next time try the spicy miso ramen.

Mitsuwa Market - 675 Saratoga, San Jose

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