Sunday, January 17, 2010


Standouts were the bouches, particularly the croquettes with a dipping sauce and a squid salad.  I wish I could run through all the bouches, but let's just say its safe to order all of them.  The entrees were another story.  The slow roasted beef was tender and moist, yet lacked depth of flavor.  The fish entree was perfectly cooked and simply presented, something I'd choose over the beef next time.  The menu is straightforward SF style comfort food, nothing too adventurous.  The service was excellent -- friendly, gracious and attentive without being intrusive. To me, a neighorhood restaurant has very friendly service, a comfortable and somewhat casual atmosphere (they seem happy that you came), the food is good (though it doesn't have to be great), and the prices low enough that one could eat there several times a week without feeling over indulgent.  I'd say Frances meets almost all of those, except that the execution is much higher than what you'd expect and their prices slightly higher.  I'll return and probably order from the top of the card.

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