Sunday, August 23, 2009

Korea Night in Glen Ellen

Another great cooking group dinner, but this time at D's "Barnhouse" in Glen Ellen. The grounds were beautiful and the dishes come together nicely. The best Korean tacos I've had, bar none, and some delicious creative "Seoul Food."


Korean pickled cucumber, apple and ginger

Tteok 'n Cheese

Sesame Garlic Collard Greens

Mashed Korean Sweet Potatoes

BBQ'd Brentwood White Corn with Gochu Aioli

Korean BBQ'd: Bulgogi, Kalbi, Pork Belly

K Taco Fixings/Panchan:
-Ssam Jang
-Radish Kimchi

-Cabbage Slaw with sesame dressing
-Tortillas, Lime, Cilantro, Green Onion

Iced Boricha

Fresh Watermelon Soju

Ice Cream with Blackberries picked by H and J

Dessert Wine

The meats were marinated according to D's Grandmother's instructions (the 'secret' is Asian pear juice) and E's fixings were perfect the ssam jang, radish kimchee and the refreshing sesame cabbage slaw with the brightness of the lime - perfect. I could've had seconds and thirds of the tteuk n' cheese and those spicy greens. Orange zest was awesome in the mashed Korean potatoes (these are a purple potato that vary in size.) The watermelon cocktail with ginger was an ideal light refreshing drink for the day.


Grace said...

Where are the photos of the food!!???!? I heard great things about your gochujang aioli.

Wanderlust said...

click on the center of the photo, it should advance to the next pic in the slideshow.