Friday, April 3, 2009

Kitchenette - April

Lunch at Kitchenette a little lunch box spot in the dogpatch run out of one of the loading docks.

Surprisingly good
fried chicken sandwich. In spite of the fifteen minutes it sat in its wrapper before I got around to eating it, the chicken was crispy with a well-seasoned crunchy crust. Perfectly matched with the sweet spicy garam masala honey and herb freshness of the coriander slaw. This was much better than the sandwich at Bakesale Betty's.

Photo courtesy of R. Pereirea.

The chickpea salad with tumeric oil, served on the side was overpowered by the tumeric oil and acid, but still good enough for me to finish. I was hoping to try the chicharrones, but that day they had spicy chips. The chips were thin crisp and had the right hit of spice. I also had a bite of the
coconut devil cookie which was chocolaty, chewy, and airy.

Beef & Pork Polpette Sandwich- the meatballs were a bit dry, the sauce was fine.

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