Sunday, April 5, 2009


As I scanned the menu this weekend, I was kicking myself for not making or taking any notes on this restaurant. I completely forgot which dishes were the hits and misses even though I had tried much of the menu on my last visit. Here's what we had this weekend:

Rotisserie Chicken - Clearly they brine the chicken before putting it on the spit. The chicken was succulent, juicy and a bit over salted to my taste. .
Papas Fritas - fine
Arroz - fine and salted
Ceviche Mixto - this was a disappointment. A straightforward lime juice ceviche that was over marinated, so that the fish pieces were a bit tough and the overall flavor was overly acidic. I much prefer creamy aji amarillo type ceviche at Mochica.
Lomo Saltado - C said it was on the salty side, would not get this again.

There was a large party going on and this seems like a good place to have one because the prices are just slightly above fast food, but the ambiance and service are comparable to the original Limon restaurant. I wish they would lighten up on the salt -- this would be a great bargain, if so much of the dinner was not overwhelmed by sodium.

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