Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Tofu Village on Irving at 20th has taken over the space that once housed the only good Taiwanese restaurant in the city. Oh well. The space is the same, though they've added a flat screen tv to the wall and were playing some Chinese movie with Ziyi Zhang from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Despite the movie, the neighborhood and the previous version of the restaurant, there were quite a few people speaking Korean around our table. My caucasian friend pointed at the menu which shows a scale of spiciness from top to bottom: Extra Spicy, Spicy, Medium, Mild, and White. That's right, "White" is the mildest seasoning. We laughed.

This time I tried a straight up
Combination Tofu rather than getting a combo with some bbq. The Combo Tofu was in a nice sized bowl, bigger than the one at My Tofu House, and filled with large chunks of tofu. Though the flavor was there, I was a little bit disappointed with the skimpy fillings. Only a couple of pieces of clam and two very small shrimp with the head on top. At least the service was good, they kept asking if we wanted more panchan. The panchan was not terribly exciting, though they did give each of us our own little fish and as much japchae as we could eat. Unlike other tofu places, they didn't pour hot water into the stone rice bowl -- not that I ever eat that water mush, but I like the idea of it. The dinner for two came out to $24 including tip, so I can't complain. Though next time I'd order the Dae Ji Bulgogi or the Kalbi.

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