Wednesday, May 19, 2010


A little mom and pop Japanese spot right next door to Shanghai House in the Outer Richmond. The sign says Azusa but it's actually Miki's. Ramen is not on the menu but on the specials taped to the wall. I tried the tonkotsu shio spicy and had a taste of the tonkotsu miso spicy. Both had decent flavor and a layer of oil floating on top. Noodles had good spring to them but were not house made.  This is not a ramen specialist and I don't see that they are making their own broth, but I'd come back, because the simple topping of bamboo shoots and green onion are more to my liking than the overloaded bowls found around town.

We also tried the tabe kara age, the fried chicken wings were not particularly crispy but had good flavor and tenderness. HM guessed it was a simple seasoning of ichimi togarashi that gave it a hint of heat. Gyoza done well and worth getting again. Everything was straightforward, just the right thing to hit the spot on a cold and foggy evening.

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