Sunday, August 15, 2010


Had a good dinner at Morimoto this weekend.  We tried the following:

Toro Tar Tar - very nice presentation interesting nori paste and accompaniments.  One of my favorites of the night.

Tuna Pizza - a layer of thinly sliced pieces of tuna topped with aioli, olives and jalapeno on a large round cracker.  The crunchy texture of the cracker was great and in general the flavor combination was right on, though much spicier than I was expecting due to the jalapeno. Some of us felt that the quality of the fish might have been better, but then we came with very high expectations.  I suppose they aren't using the choicest cut in this type of dish.

Oyster Foie Gras - oysters in their shell topped with foie and teriyaki sauce.  I didn't get any of this, the other thought it was good, but felt that the teriyaki sauce masked the flavor of the foie gras a bit.

Foie Gras Chawan Mushi
- a small bowl of chawan mushi in a duck broth, the custard was rich soft and silky with a good foie gras flavor and a few small pieces of sweet duck breast.  The bit of wasabi served next to it provided a perfect counterpoint to bring out all the flavors.  Another favorite of mine.

Morimoto Bone Marrow
- a large bone bisected length-wise, topped onion and teriyaki and five spice flavored crust and topped with some panko.  Another rich dish with bold flavors. Crunchy, soft globules of marrow, and a stong favor of soy and five spice, enjoyable, though I would've loved a rice cracker, toast or some other item to spread it on.  Still it was tasty and unique (to me).

Whole roasted lobster 'epice' - a large lobster roasted with garam masala and accompanied with creme fraiche.  Lobster was well cooked, the sweetness played perfectly against the garam masala and the creme fraiche rounded out the flavors.  Another unique dish with an unexpected flavor combination.

Duck duck goose - this was a duck confit served with some slices of duck breast and a bowl of duck confit fried rice, with a small pot of broth to accompany it.  The dish was also supposed to have frozen foie gras, but I'm not sure where it was in the dish.  I was the last try the dish, so perhaps it was gone by the time I got to it.

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Seafood toban yaki - a variety of seafood in a red miso sake broth, served in a clay pot.  I loved the red miso sake broth, it looked oily but tasted great.  A dish with strong miso flavor dish that perhaps isn't the best for showing off the freshness and quality of seafood, but hearty and delicious non-the less.  I could see that broth with any number of proteins, though I imagine that part of the flavor comes from the seafood juices.

Sea Urchin Carbonara - our love of seafood dictated that we order this.  This one was fine, though the noodles were a little soft and the mix with the egg and uni affected the overall texture of the dish - it became stiff and and sticky as it cooled.  Not bad, though we've had better sea uchin pasta.

We finished with the medium sized plate of chef's combination sushi comprised of two rolls, some tomago and and pairs of nigiri: chu toro, maguro, sake, unagi, hamchi, shimaaji, saba, saba, and ikura.  We were a bit disappointed by the nigiri, it was fine though not particularly special.  The rice was just o.k. and the fish was fine, neither were distinguishable from any decent sushi restaurant. 

We were too stuffed for dessert. Service was good.  We had a few cocktails and some tea.  With tax and tip our bill came out to less than if each of us had ordered the omakase. The portions were sized for sharing, and other than the sushi, I thought it was a good value. 

Overall I thought the quality was high and some of the dishes very unique.  I'd return to try some of the other interesting items on the menu.

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