Friday, October 16, 2009

ONE MARKET Duck Menu**

One Market has been doing a series of whole animal menus every week.  We decided to give their duck menu a try.  Every dish of the five course menu was made from Muscovy Duck.  It had been a while since I last ate at One Market and it was nice to find that the place hasn't lost a beat. Yes, the decor and vibe is a little corporate, but that's what you would expect from a place located at the foot of a major office building.

On to the food.  It started with the liver mousse terrine, a huge portion of creamy liver with a beautifully light texture served with pickled figs and a plate of their own brioche.  Just what I wanted smooth strong livery goodness against the sweet tart figs.

 Next came the salad with a piece of duck proscuitto which was nicely seasoned and balanced, and a tender piece of gizzard that worked well with wild mushrooms.  A good way to refresh the palate after being hit by the richness of the mousse terrine.  

The duck confit came as a small pile of leg meat surrounded by a red wine risotto.  The confit showed of the deep duck flavor and risotto was a nice slightly acidic accompaniment.  The fourth course was probably my favorite of the meal.  Slices of duck breast with a huckleberry side and a spice gravy.  The sweet potato pureee with vanilla had a surprisingly strong vanilla flavor, but everything worked well together.  A slightly acidic sauce, the sweet huckleberries, the salty savory roasted duck and the base note of vanilla.  

Dessert was a deeply satisfying pot de creme that perfectly contrasted with the vanilla bean cream layered on top,  and a goofy little duck chocolate standing on top.  

The pot de creme with the side of salted caramel ice cream was a nice combination of creamy, salty and sweet.

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