Sunday, May 3, 2009

Grace's Sunday Suppers

Community builder and food writer, Grace, hosts a dinner every Sunday for friends, food lovers and fans of One Fork One Spoon. The menu changes every week as does the salon of food lovers, writers, community activists and other characters. Enjoying a family style dinner in her cozy kitchen has the small town feel of eating on a front porch at a big farmhouse table with neighbors and passersby. Everyone well aware of their good fortune of eating Grace's lovingly made recreations of her mother's recipes and others collected in her travels around Korea.

My first Sunday Supper was a spread of various panchan, boiled pork belly wrapped in lettuce leaves, beef and mushroom saute, stuffed fried perilla, a beany rice, fried chicken with a sweet spicy sauce, and Second supper was a bbq pork ribs with a rich sauce, lotus root, cuttle fish, jambon (a noodle soup with clams) and a rhubarb cake brought by a guest.

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