Sunday, March 29, 2009



Moo Hin Nga (Cat Fish Noodle Soup) - Fish chowder with rice noodle, ground catfish, onion, garlic, and cilantro - better than Larkin Express.
Chin Hin Yee (Burmese Hot and Sour Soup) - too sour and one dimensional.
Tea Leaf Salad (Lap Pat Thut) - o.k.
Rainbow Salad (Lat Thut Song) - great balance of ingredients, tasty dressing, fresh and light.
Chin Mong Jaw with Shrimp - Burmese style sour vegetables sauteed with green chili, prawn, and bamboo shoots - unique sour flavor remind me of a particular collard green preparation.

Spicy Eggpant with Dried Shrimp
Traditional Shrimp Biriyani Rice
Burmese Style Curry Lamb
Burmese Style Curry Chicken - more flavorful than the lamb, but not notable.
Burmese Style Fish Cake Curry - fish cakes were salty, but curry was fine.

Nan Pia Dok (Flat Noodles Chicken Curry) - good noodles, cooked perfectly blended well with the curry.
See Jyet Kaukswer (Pork) - simple noodles with a bit of fried pork and a little kick at the end.
Palata - excellent.

Get again:
Rainbow Salad, Nia Pia Dok, Palata, also good: Moo Hinga Soup. Next time try another soup and a tofu dish.

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