Monday, January 21, 2008


A satisfying lunch of Yuke Jang at Shin Toe Bul Yi. Yuke Jang is beef brisket in a spicy soup with egg and green onions. STBY's has great soups and stews, so I thought I'd give their Yuke Jang a try. The soup was excellent spicy with a deep beef broth base. The egg and bit of clear noodles were good, though I felt they went a little over the top with the green onions. The beef itself was the right cut, though a little stringier than I like. Still it beats the last time I ordered Yuke Jang (at a Korean bbq restaurant) and got soup with some random pieces of beef in it. The service here is very homey. They always serve mackerel and ha mul pa jun (pancake) with the pan chan which is not always given freely at other places.

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