Monday, October 1, 2007

Cowgirl Creamery

Once you've made it to the Highway One coastline, you might as well stop at Point Reyes Station, a quaint (though clearly on the tourist route) two road town for the local organic farmers that is also the home of Cowgirl Creamery. As you wind around the hills of Point Reyes and see the cows enjoying the lush green grass and views of the ocean, you can't help but wonder if happy cows means better cheese. Well, the cheese at Cowgirl Creamery indicates that their cows are indeed living the high life. Housed in a small building labeled Tomales Bay Food Company, the creamery along with a small organic produce stand and the Cowgirl Cantina, has an open viewing area to watch cheesemaking. That day they were making the Red Hawk, one of their very popular cheeses.

Having charged my other companions to get cheese for our picnic, I headed to the Cantina for a mid morning snack. The menu surprised me. You'd think that there would be grilled cheese or macaroni and cheese or some dishes to highlight the product sitting right next to the Cantina. But no, there was an array of sandwiches, salads and charcuterie items. I assume their plan is for you to purchase the cheese and then get some Cantina items to compliment it. I ordered the Ham and Tam, which was Niman Ranch Ham and Mt. Tam cheese with Dijon on a baguette. The bread was decent, though the lettuce was soggy and had a very thin slice of Mt. Tam cheese. Let's just say that I was not impressed. But I'll take the blame, what am I doing ordering a "ready to go" sandwich when I am only fifteen minutes away from a bbq at an oyster farm? Next time I'll just get some cheese.

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