Monday, August 6, 2007


Range is one of those quintessential SF restaurants with it's casual atmosphere, gourmet food and modern retro decor, complete with a retro fridge at the bar upfront. The cooking is unpretentious, yet thoughtful treatment of fresh local ingredients. The most popular items according to our server are the Roast Chicken, the Steak and the Halibut. Very straightforward. Other items, as listed on the menu: Braised halibut with leeks, pancetta, shiitake mushrooms; and Roasted chicken with a baby red romaine, chanterelle and bacon salad, balsamic jus. Each dish was flavorful, well cooked and of a high quality. I wouldn't mind eating here for a decent meal with predictable cooking, if the bill wasn't so high. Range is top quality for this style of restaurant -- high end comfort food. Personally, when I pay more than $30 for dinner, I'd like a little more adventure. With that said, I think this is an excellent place to take someone that doesn't want anything too adventures, but enjoys quality food.

Valencia at 19th

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